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If you truly want to experience all the magic of the Cetina River then there is no better way to do it than Canyoning – an adrenaline experience that combines walking along and through Cetina, swimming under waterfalls and overcoming river rapids.
Expect fairy-tale nature, marvelous rocky landscapes that surround the canyon and make depths up to 150 meters and streams of crystal-clear water.
Canyoning involves walking and jumping over the rocks, passing thourgh exciting rapids, swimming in perfectly clean natural pools, jumping of the cliff into the lake, diving thorugh waterfalls and much more. An exciting advenutre ends near one of the oldest power plans in Europe "Kraljevac", 103 years old! + For all of those who want more, advanced canyoning level is maybe a better choice! The advanced level of canyoning includes all the fun and excitement the basic level contains and adds a lot more! It features abseiling ( with rope ) down the 60 meter high waterfall Gubavica, down a 25 meter high cliff and lots of cliff jumps.

  • Organized transfer from agency office ( 100 meters from the hotel ) to the START ( cca 45 min )
  • The guide-skipper gives directions about canyoing excursion and helps you with the quipment choice
  • Canyoning advenutre of cca 5 hours begins
  • Organized transfer from the FINISH point to the agency office


  • Minimum age is 10 years ( basic level ) and 14 years ( advanced level )
  • No prior experience required
  • All jumps from the rocks can be avoided
  • TIPS: For a pleasant stay on the river we recommend that you bring bathing suits, sport shoes, towels, water and snacks
    * Renting sports shoes and photographs are available at extra charge

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