Kayaking - Hotel Villa Dvor


If you are looking for a relaxing excursion full of fun and suprises, then kayaking is the perfect choice for you. In small kayaks with single or double seats you will be able to explore the most hidden parts of the canyon in details.
After just a short briefeing on kayaking and the river Cetina your yourney begins. As you slowly continue down the river you will find that it is full of mystery and you won't be able to resist taking a dip in its refreshing water. Soon enough, you will reach the city of Omiš where the river connects with sea, where you will be able to explore the historical story of sunken pirate ship at just 3 meters of depth. The end of the 5-mile tour is on a long sandy beach perfect for all beach activities

  • Organized transfer from agency office ( 100 meters from the hotel ) to the START ( cca 10 min )
  • Getting to know the kayak and river Cetina
  • Kayak adventure down the river 5 miles uring 3 hours
  • Organized transfer from the FINISH point to the agency office


  • No age limits
  • No prior experience required
  • TIPS: For a pleasant stay on the river we recommend that you bring: bathing suits, sports shoes, towels, water and snacks The guide is equipped with a Hi-tech camera and all its footage will be available for you for free at the end

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