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Zip line

The Zip line adventre will give you a chance to experience nature with all senses. 8 steel wires above the canyon of Cetina in various directions and lenghts will satisfy the appetite of the greates adventurers and lovers of nature. The longest wire lenght is impressive 700 metes long. It is designed to conquer any fear of heights that would hamper your adventure.
Zip line is an adrenaline party where guests go down the canyon down steel wires, safely secured by professional beits. The adventure also includes training and short walks trhough nature. Zip line is located 5 km from Omiš, in the beautiful canyon of the river Cetina and consists of 8 wires totalling a lenght of 2100m. Depending on the size of the group ( 4-12 people ) you will experience 3 unforgattable hours of fun and beautiful nature.

  • Organized transfer from the agency office ( 400 m from the hotel ) to the START point
  • Assignment of equipment, hiking ( 2 min ) to the place for short training ( 20 min ) with 2 guides
  • Walk alonge marked route ( 7 min ) to the begining of the Zip line
  • Passage through a total of 8 wires ( walking between each wire )
  • Transfer from the FINISH poin to the agency office


  • Minimum age is 7 years, maximum age is not limited
  • The maximum weigh of the guest is 140 kg
  • Each guest prior to his/her departure signs a Release on Liability ( a personal document is required )
  • For children ages 7-18 years parents must sign a Consent form
  • In one group only one child can be accompanied by a rope guide (tandem)
  • TIPS: The reccommendation is to wear appropriate foot-wear for walking in nature and to bring water.

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