Nature park Biokovo and Skywalk

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Nature park Biokovo and Skywalk

Biokovo - a mountain with a root in the sea and a forehead in lightning. Every step to the highest peak, Sveti Jure at 1762 meters, will be unsurpassedly rewarded with a panoramic view of the sea and islands, Zagora, the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring Italy. 87 churches and chapels were built on the Biokovo stone. In addition to its proud heights, the mountain also has unimaginable depths. Over 400 pits and caves have been discovered. Some of them are forever full of snow and ice that withstand even the hottest sun.

Mediterranean and mountain climates meet on Biokovo and that is the determinant of every life on and along the mountain. The Biokovo bell, the Biokovo rabbit or the Illyrian iris are part of a series of plant decorations in Biokovo, while the wolf, wild cat, chamois and mouflon walk on it freely. A special place in the Park is the Kotišina Botanical Garden, where natural forms of vegetation with native flora are preserved. In Kotišina there are about 300 wild taxa, from Mediterranean to mountain. The wolf is a constantly present beast on Biokovo, and the most numerous animals are birds, of which there are almost 100 species, and among them are endangered species such as the snake eagle.

A special attraction is the Skywalk Biokovo, which is located in the southwestern part of the Biokovo Nature Park, in the area of Ravna Vlaška, at an altitude of 1228 meters above sea level, on the 13th km of the Biokovo road and next to the info center. As part of the lookout, a geological pillar was built - a three-dimensional view of the cross-section of the rocks that formed the area of Biokovo from its inception until today with a geological table of time and a description of the age and type of rocks.

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