Canyon of the river Cetina

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Canyon of the river Cetina

Deep inland in Zagora, at the foot of peeks of Dinarida, its ways starts the longest river in Dalmatia: Cetina.

This beautiful river comes out of 5 strong wells at 380 m above the sea, under two mountains, Dinara (1831 m) and Gnjat (1801 m), few km northern from town Vrlika, from where it flows south-east through the fields of Sinj, town Trilj to Zadvarje, where it turns west to Omiš where it joins the Adriatic Sea. With its 101 km Cetina is the longest river in Dalmatia and the waterfall Gubavica (48 m) underneath Zadvarje is one of the biggest in Croatia. During the summer through this river flows 2-4 m3/sec, which is caused by accumulation and redirection of water through tunnels into energetic purposes, but during the rain season and snow melting the flow through is drastically growing.
The character of the Cetina varies considerable along its length. In the upper regions it is mostly fast with plenty of white water rapids, and lies in deep ravines with rugged rocky outcrops. In the lower regions the river is much slower, more like a lake, with the tall canyon walls which rise on either side being wider, occasionally punctuated by flatter areas smattered with small villages, deciduous woodlands and green meadows full of flowers, which in Spring are really quite intoxicating. Along its way Cetina river has cut its way in the fields and rocks, creating lakes surrounded by rich vegetation as well as canyons deeply cut-in between imposing cliffs and the nature round it is still untouched and virgin clean. The mouth of the Cetina river opens into the sea at Omis, a fantastic setting for a town, separated by a deep ravine which, after many kilometres of being fairly wide, closes in here to just a few metres wide.
The Cetina river itself is very clean and clear, supplying drinking water to much of Dalmatia, so don’t hesitate to go for a swim. It is also teaming with trout, so don't forget your fishing rods!
The greatest opportunities for an active holiday are provided precisely by the unspoiled nature of the Cetina canyon, which has enjoyed the status of protected significant landscape ever since 1963. Adventure enthusiasts can do rafting, canyoning, canoeing, zip line, go hiking, bike - riding, free climbing, all in the surrounding area...or simply go sightseeing river boat tours and enjoy the betufiul scenary.

It is not because
I love the Cetina River;
but, such a town
I have never seen.
O my God, - the Cetina!

(by Josip Pupačić)

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